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Myanmar Restaurant & Bar Management

Htun Pharmacy

Your Health Partner

Sar Pay Nan Taw

Mobile & Computer Accessories

Sweet Connect

ဘာလိုလို SweetConnect က အမြဲအသင့်ပါ 

Lady Phone

Lifestyle products, Mobile & IT Gadgets

Be Your Soulmate

Health and Beauty Products

A Were Taw


XChange Mobile

Mobile & Computer Accessories

Local Products

Willow Clothing

Timeless and minimal essentials 


Minimalist, local made designs

Chewy Crunchy

Pet Supplies

Her . & Co

High Quality Gold Plated Jewellery Store


Limited edition clothing and accessories


Goodies for Homiez ~~~

Phyo’s Handmade

Your Support Means The World To Me

Easy Way by NooDi

Be Easy, Be Healthy

ဒို့ရိုးရာမြေ soy candles

မြန်မာ့လက်မှုမြေအိုးနှင့် ဖယောင်းပေါင်းစပ်ထားသည်

Health & Beauty


Australian Products

Cetaphil Myanmar

Skin Care

Vcare Pharmacy

Your Health is Our Happiness

May’s Paradise

Authentic Skincare Collections


Korea Cosmetic Online Shopping

Beauty Library

Mart & Distribution

Khati Skin Care

Created by Heart

The Collagen

Retail & Wholesale

Beyond Beauty

Beauty Products from South Korea


Health, Beauty And Wellness

Korea Beauty Cosmetics

Created by Heart

The Look Book

For the love of fashion and beauty

Maven Look 

UK & USA Authentic Branded Skincare

Mabel & Katherine

Be Pretty & Stay On!

Stylishly Simple

Bringing skincare and cosmetic for you

MonMon Cosmetics

Retail & Wholesale

Rainbow J

Make Yourself Some “Me Time”

Duo Perfume House

Authentic Full Size & Decant

Mirry San Wig Boutique

Always there to achieve the look you want…



BKK direct supplier

Friendship Fashion

Design, fashion, bag & suitcase shop

Amazing Sport

Sportwear & Swimwear

Kaung Pyae Wholesale

slippers & shoes wholesale

VVIP Collection by Yu

Local Brand & Fashion

MSTY Online Shop

ထိုင်ဝမ်နှင့် ဟောင်ကောင်နိုင်ငံထုတ် ပစ္စည်းများ

Men Care & Wear

Men Care and Wear

Myint Mo Store

Footwear Pakokku

Food & Restaurant



The Sushibar Myanmar

Japanese Sushi Bar

PH Bakery

bake with heart

5 Days Market

လွယ်ကူလျှင်မြန်တိကျဖို့ ၅ရက်စျေးမှာ စျေးဝယ်စို့



UP House

To give you the best is our passion!


စားသောက်ကုန်နှင့် ဟင်းခတ်မှုန့်မျိုးစုံ 

Sar Pho Saung – စားဖိုဆောင်

ပစ္စည်းလဲမှန် စျေးနှုန်းလဲတန်

Shwe Taung Nyo Gyi

Organic Food Shop

Nut House

အကြွပ်ဆုံး၊ အရွဆုံး၊ မုန့်ကြွပ်မှာဆို Nut House


Purified drinking Water

Shwe Kyee 

Dim Sum &  Restaurant

Mart & Home Appliances

DYY Mart

DYY Mart Trading

Hello 7 Mart

We guaranteed our product

Win Shine Distribution

လက်ကားဝယ်ယူလိုသူများ အားလုံးအတွက်

MCE Online Shop

shopping is our adventure


လူသုံးကုန်၊ အလှကုန် နှင့် စားကုန် (ရောင်းဝယ်ရေး)


Pinky Pinky


Hakha Pearl Store

ဘာပဲလိုလိုအကုန်စုံတဲ့ ဟားခါးပုလဲစတိုး

Ko Pauk Liquor Store 

Wine, beer & spirits shop

Shwe Madinha Store

ရွှေမဒီနာစတိုး (မော်လမြိုင်)

Shwe Bakery Supply

Cake & Bakery Supply

Mobile & Computer

Amazing Magic

Phone Accessories & Service

JY & Partners

Specializing in Phone cases & accessories @ Myanmar